Founded in 2014, Maddy is a collection of people who are devoted to changing your financial situation gradually and technically. The goal is to turn your life around by working with you to fix your problems, giving you your freedom back as well as to save government expenses. It is done in a measurable way with a 3 year horizon.


We are people whose compassion and skill form our unique approach to problem solving. Our model for success is gradually and incrementally find yourself in. We help you regain the freedom and happiness you deserve in life.


When you’ve tried everything but you’re still left feeling stressed and overwhelmed, try us! Our success is not measured by profit, but by helping you to turn your life around. We strive to not only offer our commitment to fixing your financial problems but also to help you identify and work from the root cause. You never have to feel like you’re alone when looking for a way out. We have a team of people with a wide range of experience from various industries who are ready to work with you. It is our highest priority that your privacy is strictly protected.

In memory of Frank Nagel, Reda, Poland 1925-2018


Maddy’s vision is to apply award winning skills and approaches to your situation, backed with many years of proven results to create a personalized road map that offers attainable, gradual and measured solutions to your varied financial issues. Our success is measured by the number of lives being turned around from a charitable perspective, with a diverse team of people working together with you during the entire journey of financial freedom.


Guilt won’t help. Getting a solution is the key. Follow our road map, you will find the best route to take. We fix your problems and give you your freedom back. The clock is ticking; your debt is piling up so act now! You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. No matter how good or bad it was in your past, learn to let it go.


We’re here to help you no matter how complex the situation is. Even if you are unsure of how we can assist you, contact us – you owe it to yourself to have some peace of mind.
  • You need an independent overview on your finances
  • Struggling paying bills every month
  • Mortgage payment is more than 25% of monthly net income
  • Carry balance on multiple credit cards
  • Credit Card debt is increasing
  • Before making a big purchase
  • Not sure if you should contact us
  • Before a separation / divorce
  • Seeking a way out of a stressful situation
  • Needing a change in life
  • Online financial blood pressure self testing result is in orange or red zone
Guilt will not help – getting a solution is the key. If you cannot find the situation you are currently dealing with listed above, contact us to speak with one of our experts.

Cost effective financial guidance $150/month for 12 months.


1. Client Intake

The client’s financial blood pressure and credit score will be checked. A personalized approach based on the client’s life situations will be applied.

2. Assessment

Options will be assessed that are in the client’s best interest. The client will then be presented with these options.

3. Review & Analysis


 The client’s case will will be reviewed further on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

4. Rebuilding


In this stage, the case will be moved from an active stage to a monitoring stage as the client
starts to rebuild.

5. Follow-Up


 Follow-up with the client will then continue 2 to 3 years after admittance into the rebuilding stage to measure their progress.


26 April 2021

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26 April 2021

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26 April 2021

Mortgage basics

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