Cash Flow Issues

The Vital Importance of Maddy’s RoadMap.

“I am a Registered Nurse with a speciality in Geriatrics. I enjoy listening and helping families. I respect seniors as they have so much wisdom to share. Their health care needs get complicated; I am honoured to help seniors navigate the health care system. The health system is probably more complex that the financial world.

At 42 I found myself with significant financial concerns. The stress and emotional side of financial concerns affect many families. Just like my work as a case manager I tackle problems by examining why they happened, I reach out for assistance finding resources that can help me settle problems. I have an eighteen-year relationship with a mortgage broker who is exceptional. Although he manages thousands of mortgages, he gives sound advice, emotional support and links his customers to resources to help tackle problems. If you find a trusted resource, it can be invaluable. Maddy has realized there is satisfaction and reward in helping families address financial problems which in turn helps a family stay healthy and strong.
I am honoured and pleased to give a testimonial to Maddy’s roadmap.

My personal situation has met some hard times. In 2001 my second baby had a brain injury complication at birth resulting in cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and the insertion of a VP shunt system into her brain. We have spent 11 tireless years involving ourselves into this wonderful child’s rehabilitations. My older daughter at the age of 11 started slumping over with a hunched back posture. Her back progressed so quickly and no therapy, back brace or treatments were preventing a deformed back. Julia was diagnosed with Scheurman,s Disease, this year she faced spinal fusion surgery-two rods and twenty screws. She underwent a long surgery, long hospitalization and she has a long recovery. My husband on August 8, 2008, suffered a stroke while working, he lost speech and had right sided weakness. Three major events meant lost time from work. Neither of us was smart enough to pay critical illness insurance. I have no care leave payments; I take approved short leave of absences I deal with the lack of paycheck by cutting back. I return to work quickly. I try to keep my paycheck rolling in and retackle my financial issues. Often families don’t share personal details; we try to manage our finances on our own. We make mistakes and pay big financial institutions interest. We get hit with interest on credit cards, mortgages, car loans and banking fees. There seems to be little guidance at a bank get out of the cycle. There seems to be little to no assistance with day to day budgeting and keeping a tight cash flow and staying ahead on every bill for the household to avoid paying extra fees. Many families deplete savings quickly and dip into credit cards to run their households.

Here are the key points to how Maddy’s Roadmap helps me. Good smart people can have trouble managing their money. People need help to find financial resources. Families need to open up and get real about their situations in order to tackle problems. Try to leave the embarrassment at home, talk to a trusted broker, try to be real discussing your weaknesses and strengths.

The Financial world is too harsh, once someone in the financial world finds a problem they link generalizations such as the client is not going to pay. They then tighten up things and cost the family more money getting out of problems.Financial problems don’t go away overnight. It is a continual learning process. Don’t judge a family who works hard, makes honest money, does not avoid paying debt and wants sound financial advice.

Most financial advice is one-time advice. The focus seems to be on settling the immediate problem. Families need more assistance say three months later, six months later, how about two years later. Imagine as a case manager if I made one visit to an old person gave one piece of help and moved on to the next. That senior would feel abandoned. The senior may still be sick or in crisis and living unhealthy. Tackling financial problems is a continuum; it needs people who believe their clients are good despite being bad money managers. If a new problem arises or a person has an unforeseen event happens in life. Maddy is ready to listen and work with that good customer again. The resources could be a mortgage broker, a banker, a wealthy business lender, a counsellor, an administrative person or a financial counsellor.

Maddy offers advice in a non-judgemental forum, linking people to resources. Maddy helps clients and recognizes who crucial she is to a person’s sense of wellbeing and their self-esteem. Many more families will benefit from Maddy’s concepts because Good people have problems. Life is not easy, but tackling financial stresses is vital to people’s well-being.


Client, September 2012