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$900,000 in CRA Arrears

Approximately 18 months ago, my wife and I were facing absolute financial ruin in the face of terrible investment luck and resulting large penalties levied on us by a federal agency. We spent many sleepless nights over how to pay huge debts, deal with losing our home, social status, quality of life etc.

Quite by accident, we ran across a loosely formed team of professionals that were to become Maddy’s Roadmap. In short order our problems, while not gone, became entirely manageable. The team came up with solutions, negotiated with our creditors, helped us buy and finance a new home all without passing ANY judgment on our circumstances and how we had gotten ourselves into such trouble in our middle age. An absolute breath of fresh air after having dealt with nasty creditors.

Our new circumstances allow us to actually enjoy a night’s sleep, answer the phone without having to wonder what creditor might be calling this time, be out with friends, feeling worthwhile as people again. I can’t stress enough how easy Maddy’s Roadmap made it for us to become whole again. I have referred friends to them without hesitation and will continue to do so.