How to Overcome the Buying Impulse

In order to learn how to overcome impulse buying, we need to understand what triggers this behaviour. Here are some of the common causes:

  • The pleasure of owning a certain product. It gives us a certain degree of satisfaction and makes us look good in the eyes of others
  • It has become a habit. When the urge arises, we have a hard time to fight against that urge.
  • Impulse buying can also be related to anxiety, emptiness and unhappiness in life. Buying something new can be comforting and compensating. It makes us feel good, but this is only temporarily.
  • When we are controlled by our emotions, it’s hard for us to think about the consequence of an action we are going to take.


Here are some measures you can take to prevent you from impulsive purchase:

  • When an urge arises, ask yourself if this item is what you need or what you want, can you afford paying cash for it.
  • When you see an item in a store and have the urge to buy it, wait for at least one week, then you can buy it if the urge is still there after the waiting period.
  • When you have the urge to buy something before visiting a store, put it on the list with today’s date and wait until the end of the month to revisit the list. If the urge is still there when you revisit the list, you can buy the item. Many times, the urge will have passed, and you can just cross the item off the list.
  • Go Window-shopping without bringing your credit card, debit card or cash.
  • Speak to a therapist who is compassionate and empathetic. Let him/her help you to find out what the base cause of the impulse buying habit is and work with you on that.


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