How to Overcome the Buying Impulse

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In order to learn how to overcome impulse buying, we need to understand what triggers this behaviour. Here are some of the common causes: The pleasure of owning a certain product. It gives us a certain degree of satisfaction and makes us look good in the eyes of others It has become a habit. When the urge arises, we have a hard time to fight against that urge. Impulse buying can also be related to anxiety, emptiness and unhappiness in life. Buying something new can be comforting and compensating. It makes us feel good, but this is only temporarily. When […]

Do You Shop at Value Village?

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Value Village is a popular second-hand store where any people like to go shopping for clothing, toys, beddings, home goods and kitchenware. Below are some tips for shopping at Value Village or other Thrift stores: Location – Make sure you are heading to the right end of town. To find high-quality brands and fabrics Preparation – Have a goal in mind and write a shopping list ad find a partner to go with you for a second opinion. Leave ample amount of time shopping Always try the cloth on before buying it Inspect the merchandise to make sure it is in […]

6 Things to Do Before Buying a House

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Purchasing a home is exciting. It is a big undertaking and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. It should be smooth and stress free from start to finish. It is wise to do some homework beforehand and prepare for the big purchase. Before you start your home search, you’ll need to get a few things in order Review your credit report to make sure there is no errors. Make sure you have at least three trade-lines and make payment on time to bring the credit score up. A good credit score makes it easier to qualify for a mortgage and get […]